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It's Just One Big Popularity Contest Isn't It?

Love them or hate them, there's no escaping the end of year polls that descend upon us year after year. From top ten Youtube videos to top ten films of the year, best fashion brand or most powerful photographic images, every December the whole world turns into a competitive 'let's rate everything that exists' monster. Tucked away in our not so quiet little corner of dance music, we are equally guilty of partaking in this bizarre obsession like some warped 'underground' X-Factor competition. I have never voted in any of these polls or awards with the exception of the annual Resident Advisor charts where we, as staff or contributors are asked to submit our top compilations, labels, albums and tracks of the year. I have also never been that interested in them, not interested enough to vote outside of the staff polls anyway.

This year however I did become interested in one particular poll - the Resident Advisor 'Top DJ's of 2011' which is decided by public vote. Bizarrely, my interest was not so much in the poll itself but by our reaction as the 'public' or the 'industry/public' on the results. That 'industry/public' being lesser known artists, label owners, promotors, music journalists and knowledgeable, dedicated muso's and party goers. A significant amount of discussion and debate on social networking sites this month was fuelled by the Resident Advosor 'Top DJ's of 2011' poll; supporting it, ridiculing it, pushing for others to partake but most interestingly (to me), hating it, many going as far as to brand the poll itself and those ranked - 'a joke'.


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Meoko Music


Meoko 011 - Jun Akimoto

As a big fan of Jun's productions for quite some time, MEOKO are very excited to present you with our next podcast. Deep sleazy low-slung house and tight percussive grooves at their best. Did someone say underground?

Click here to listen.


Meoko 012 - Nico Purman

Crosstown Rebels' Nico Purman delivers with a blend of warm analogue deep house and bassline infused disco. Expertly mixed dancefloor selections from the Argentine.

Click here to listen.



Meoko Inverviews

In the summer of 2010 Kenny Glasgow's haunting and distinctive vocals sauntered their way through just about every nightclub in the world. Accompanied by an obscure electro tinged house vibe, they spread contagiously and wherever you went, 'Without You' was being played to full force, supported by DJ's and fans alike. It was the debut output from Canadian duo Jonny White & Kenny Glasgow, aka Art Department. What followed was a non-stop tour around the world and at the years close, 'Without You' was labeled as the No.1 track of 2010 by Resident Advisor. Art Departments recognition and rise is without doubt one of the quickest this industry has ever seen. Their artist album 'The Drawing Board' arrived just eight months later on Damian Lazarus's Crosstown Rebels imprint. Equally well received, it only added fuel to the already roaring fire; kick starting 2011 with an acknowledged vibe that hasn't let up. As the second year of Art Department's seemingly unstoppable reign comes to its close, the pair were voted as No.6 in the 'Top DJ's of 2011' poll on Resident Advisor. I caught up with Jonny White after the massive Crosstown Rebel night at Manchester's The Warehouse Project. Sadly, Kenny was too busy moon walking across the stage as our interview commenced.

No.6 – how does that feel?!I'm not going to lie, it feels really damn good. Neither one of us has ever really been the type to care about this sort of thing, but there comes a time when you realize how much of the past year you spent touring hard, playing in different cities every day, wearing yourself down, away from friends and family...all the while enjoying the ride but working your ass off and putting your body through hell to be there playing music for people. Although we don't need that type of gratification, it's nice to be recognized for all the hard work we've put in.

There was such a huge shift in the overall results and styles of the RA Poll this year – what do you think that means for dance music – what direction are we heading in?Well it's always changing and evolving, that's essential to keep it alive. But this did feel like a major shift or movement if you're going to gauge things by RA' statistic. Who's to say if it's right or wrong, or if there can even be a right or wrong when it comes to trying to decide who's better at this art than someone else? Sales charts make sense, fine, that's actual math... deciding who is the "best dj"? Like I said it feels good to be recognized for your work but this is the only field in the arts where it's some kind of competition. It's a bit like charting visual artists, who are the top 100 painters? I can go on forever on this topic so I'll stop before this begins to sound like a rant. What do I think this means for dance music? I think it's a positive shift because I personally really enjoy the music that is now at the forefront of the "underground" EDM world. And to sum it up, what it means is that the doors have been blown wide open for other artists to follow along, and for our music to reach more people.

Although you'd both been working in the industry for a long time, Art Department as a duo was a really sudden rush to the top, what is it about the combination do you think tippled you guys over the edge in comparison to you as individual artists?
It's hard to pinpoint. It's undoubtedly the music production because that is what is so different from what we were both writing on our own. We developed a new sound for this project and "without you" is what caught fire and started all this madness. I consider the music we're making now vs. what we were making as individuals more "stand out" and writing full vocal records allow you to connect with people on a more fundamental level.

Does it bother you that the majority of people seem to think you and Kenny just sprung up out of nowhere and made it big within seconds?
Not a bit, maybe it will have them thinking we're younger than we are....I'm looking at super talented guys like Mateo from Tale Of Us (he's really young) and thinking we could stand to lose a few years. I think this is the case with a lot of successful acts and bands. One of the reasons that some acts are able to seemingly become so successful so quickly is because they've been at it for years on the low, learning and mastering their craft, figuring out what does and doesn't work.



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Meoko Recommened Events

December 2011 / January 2012

Arkitekt and Lwe presents Cadenza Showcase (Boxing Day Special).

Monday 26th December @ Electric Brixton. More Info

NYE with Miguel Campbell, Alex Arnout & Special Guests.

Saturday 31st December @ Basing House, Shoreditch. More Info

Holic & Lost Nye w/ Juan Atkins, Chris Carrier, Steve Bicknell and Tomoki Tamura.

Saturday 31st December @ The Old Truman Brewery Warehouse Space. More Info

Hot Natured New Years Day Party w/ Art Department, Maceo Plex, Miguel Campbell & more...

Sunday 1st January 2012 @ TBA, East London Location. More Info

Weekend Circuit.. A Winter Showcase w/ James What & Special Guests.

Friday 13th January @ Basing House, Shoreditch. More Info

Gottwood with Wildkats (Hot Creations) & Special Guests.

Friday 20th January 2012 @ Basing House, Shoreditch. More Info

Krush with Petre Inspirescu, Praslea, Nikos + more TBA

Saturday 28th January 2012 @ Secret London Location. More Info

Secretsundaze Nye 2011 w/ Γ‚me (live), Levon Vincent, Kyle Hall & more...

Saturday 31st December 2011 @ Corsica Studios. More Info



18/12/2011 - Kubicle 6th Birthday & Khristmas Celebrations @ The Church of New Empowerment

Last Sunday the 18th of December promised to be one of the most enjoyable days of partying East London had seen for a while. The 2020Vision event on Saturday night perfectly set the tone, providing London with the chance to celebrate Back to Basics' milestone 20th birthday in true, belated Christmas cheer. Indeed, special, extended sets from Ralph Lawson and Andrew Weatherall were said to have had the Village Underground in a perpetual frenzy. As proceedings drew to a wistful close in the early hours of Sunday morning, thoughts turned from one clubbing institution to the next; with revellers looking ahead to Kubicle's much anticipated 6th birthday celebrations.


Photo Credits - MEOKO

One of the most popular parties on the London circuit, Kubicle started life in the summer of 2005 courtesy of the 'Kubicle girls' Sonia Anderson and Liz Mendez. Since then it has reached national and international notoriety, hosting parties from Glastonbury to Miami. Always careful to never disregard their staunch East London roots, it is Kubicle's fun, frivolous and yet ultimately professional outlook that has seen it achieve its current, dizzying cult status. Due to complications earlier in the year, Kubicle decided to tie in the 6th birthday with the impending, 'Khristmas' festivities. The main event was to be held at Dalston's Church of New Empowerment from 6pm, with an official pre-party at Kubicle HQ Public Life from midday on Sunday.

Photo Credits - MEOKO

Here is where a very unfortunate situation occurred. Around 3pm on Sunday afternoon a reported team of 50 police officers raided Public Life, a venue with a capacity barely over 60. Full-cavity searches were administered on the unsuspecting crowd, leaving many revellers severely upset and shaken up. The reason for the raid is as yet unknown. Despite events, Kubicle decided it was best to continue with the Dalston party, partially to provide those affected by the raid with a place to relax and be with friends. Hats off to the Kubicle organziers as considering what began as a terrifying experience for east london clubbers, they managed to pull off a great party in the end. Bravo!

Photo Credits - MEOKO

The Venue was decorated in true Kubicle style and made almost for a house party environment where Kubi-kid regualrs and new comers could relax and finally enjoy the Birthday Bash after the earlier misfortunes. The promoters decided to close the doors early and not let anyone else in after midnight to ensure the party ran smoothly, this left the venue only three-quarters full but still the party was full of energy and good vibes. I did notice low sound levels and  technical difficulties but never the less the warm up DJ did what he could considering, playing an eclectic set of worldly, spirited tech-house. The arrival of superstar residents Lee Foss and Richy Ahmed lifted the atmosphere even more and coincided with a substantial increase in volume. Foss started with an array of Depeche Mode-inspired synth tracks, each bigger and with more personality than the last. The crowd were now in full party mode, eagerly awaiting Ahmed's taking to the decks. Indeed, Ahmed immediately built on Foss' earlier efforts, providing the dance-floor with some tough, bass-heavy meat to chew on. Starting with Maceo Plex's recent remix of Laura Jones' Love in Me, Ahmed mixed and matched his way through an hour of hard-hitting, intrinsically danceable house music.

Photo Credits - MEOKOPrevious events of the day definitely had an effect on the party but the Kubicle team pulled through and  managed to dish out a great party in the end. Sunday did mark a sad day for the East London scene though. Nevertheless, Kubicle, and hopefully Public Life, will move on from this and will continue to entertain the Sunday afternoon crowd in the way only they know how.

Words - Carlos Hawthorn



Signed WILDKATS Vinyl Giveaway (Hot Waves - Perpetrating)

After a massively successful 2011, we are very excited to be giving away the Wildkats biggest release to date - Perpetrating. Wildkats will be touring South Africa with MEOKO & excuse the mess in Feb 2012.

To win, email your name with 'Wildkats' as the subject to

Names will be put in a hat and picked at random.


New Years 'Records & Guestlist' prize giveaways!

Ahead of the Holic record label launch in 2012, the guys have pulled out all the stops in hosting one of London's largest NYE parties alongside LOST. Juan Atkins, the King of Detroit Techno, will be headlining alongside the Prince of the Paris Deep House scene; Chris Carrier.

To win the following records, and free guestlist into the event for you and a friend please email your name with 'Holic' as the subject to

The records:

1/ Sound Carrier 003 : Chris Carrier - Tech oriented vinyl only2/ Adult Only 039 : Micha Klang + Kuroneko - "Anytime You Please" (incl. Shonky Remix)3/ Adult Only 014 : W.A.R.R.I.O.R / G. La Tortue / Chris Carrier - from 2001 and compiled by Dan Ghenacia on the sound of the city : Paris

The Guestlist:

Holic & Lost Nye w/ Juan Atkins, Chris Carrier, Steve Bicknell and Tomoki Tamura @ The Old Truman Brewery Warehouse Space

Tickets available on RA -


Win free entry for you and a friend into Basing House this New Years Eve

Not only will you party for free to a soundtrack supplied by Miguel Campbell (Hot Creations) and Alex Arnout (Dogmatik) but Basing House will also throw in two free drinks each! Who said New Years is always expensive??

To win, simply email your name with 'Basing House' as the subject to The winning name will be picked out of a hat at random.


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