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Meoko News

It has been a whirlwind year for MEOKO Music & Events PR agency - having launched only in January but already with a permanent team of four, over two dozen freelancers and a steady growing portfolio of industry respected clientele.

Whether you are a Promoter / Artist / Club or Bar Owner or Any other business model, MEOKO agency can help make a difference. WE love what we do having worked in the events industry for almost half a decade ourselves. We can speak your language and we also know first hand how important it is to get things right.

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Meoko Music

Meoko 003 - Nic Liu & Tommi Anderson

Nic and Tommi's track selections are always exquisite and this mix highlights that, mixing between genres and moods with ease. Watch out for these guys in 2012... Click here to listen.

Meoko 004 - Portable / Bodycode

Perlon's Portable / Bodycode lays down a live mix of Tech-Funk for Meoko. Beats for the body, and melody for the soul...sit back and enjoy this mix. Click here to listen.

Meoko 005 - Claudia Lovisa

With Claudia's new EP coming out on Supernature, we secured her first Meoko mixtape. Expect tight mixing, excellent track selection and groovy tech house! Click here to listen.

Meoko 006 - Fabio Giannelli

Fabio Giannelli's slick tech house productions have been hitting all the right dancefloors over the last 12 months and he's provided Meoko with a surprisingly deep mix here with juicy house grooves. Click here to listen.


Meoko Inverviews

Every year there is a deluge of new DJs and producers all proclaiming to be 'the one to watch', but Sanna 'La Fleur' Engdahl is one of the special ones who has broken through and made her mark. Bursting out of the gate in February with her debut DJ set at Fabric, she's been on the up ever since. The groundswell of DJ support for her Flowerhead EP in 2010 - the debut of her own vinyl-only label Power Plant - continued into this year when WhatPeoplePlay launched their new label with La Fleur's Flowerhead Revisited EP, including Spencer Parker's chart-topping remix.

The Swedish-born and Berlin-based artist has steadily developed into the fully-fledged artist that she is now: a DJ, producer, radio presenter, label owner and fashion designer, with a creative spirit, a clear artistic vision and the need to stay continually inspired.

For our readers who aren't familiar with you, how would you introduce yourself?I'm a Swedish dj, producer and label manager. Fours years ago I decided to move to Berlin to get going with my own productions so I left my pharmacy career behind me in Sweden. Well in Berlin I also started my imprint Power Plant, which is mostly known as Power Plant Records. Power Plant is a foundation and breeding ground with branches within music, art and we put the power in different creative projects that we would like to see grow.

Why do you think you've ended up following a few different paths at the same time?It all started out with the love for music, and through that it has developed and built up to what I'm doing now. The different paths are just different artistic expressions coming together through music somehow. I always did a lot of different things. I danced for eight years, I played the piano, the flute, stuff like that, and I have an interest in art and clothes. So in some way I've just continued doing the things I like, maybe in a different way but still with the same urge to create or express myself. Therefore Power Plant is an outlet for all the creative things I'm interested in. On our label nights we usually have a lot of installations. Last labelnight in Stockholm we made 200 pin wheels (the logo for Power Plant) and arranged them into a huge field in the basement, where you walk through to take the elevator up to the club. There were also an installation with three of the samples from the forthcoming clothing line and on the dance floor we had an interactive audio installation. For me music is the nourishing part, the core from which everything grows and come together.

What was your first introduction to electronic music?I always loved to dance, and I think for me the love for electronic music comes from the dance. When I discovered electronic music, at night clubs at first, it was a 'wow' feeling. I could dance to that for hours, with people or by myself, without rules. I was really blown away.



Meoko Inverviews

Alan Abrahams is a rare breed: a multifaceted dance music artist who has truly conquered that elusive combination of underground club hits, critically-acclaimed artist albums, and compelling live solo performances. He's a producer, remixer and vocalist who is constantly evolving his artistic point of view, and who has spent the better part of his decade-long career wandering between South Africa, the UK, Germany and Portugal.Abrahams is also the figure behind house and techno's most intriguing split personality: Portable aka Bodycode. As of this month, he'll add another accolade to his list of achievements, as he follows in the footsteps of Ricardo Villalobos, Wareika, Margaret Dygas, and Shackleton by releasing an album with celebrated German imprint Perlon.

Into Infinity is Abrahams' 5th album as Portable, the vocal-based abstract house persona that has seen him linked to labels like Karat, Musik Krause and scape, with poignant compositions that fuse raw percussion with dream-like distorted vocals. As Bodycode, his mostly instrumental techno-influenced alias, Abrahams has notched up 12"s and albums for Spectral Sound, Yore Records and Naif.

Abrahams' exclusive live recording for Meoko captures his improv spirit and his unique sound signature. Now he talks to us about his formative years in South Africa as a singer and budding producer, through his longtime friendship with his Sud Electronic partner Lerato, and explains how science fiction, his African roots, and being in love have inspired his new album.

What was the inspiration for the title of your new album Into Infinity?I read of a lot of science fiction books, a lot of my titles are from there - Handsfree Computer Interface, Gene Patch and Conservation of Electric Charge - so it must have come from something I read. But I also wanted to make a set of tracks that are consistent with where we are now, but to be able to listen to them at any time in the future and have them still not sound dated. To have that quality of being able to step out of time and in so being infinite. I hope I can achieve it!

Have your previous albums been the same thematically, linking to the titles you've chosen? All of them have a kind of sci-fi theme, but this album is more personal. That's why I included more vocals because I am a bit of a love puppy at the moment. There are some love songs in there, songs of love and loss basically.

Is Into Infinity mostly inspired by this particular relationship, or is it a broader approach to love and loss?A bit of both. The theme track "Making Holes" is completely about the relationship I'm in right now; "Island of Thought" is about other relationships. The whole album is about relationships in general, but the whole album is not just about relationships. There's a track on there called "01" which is about technology and how it will be an answer for many of the world's problems. There's another track on there which I collaborated with Efdemin on called "One Way", and the theme of it is that life is just one way, you can't go back, it's just the direction of life. The music I listen to the most is music that inspires me in a personal capacity, so that's what I set out to do in this album.



Meoko Inverviews

It's Sunday afternoon and MEOKO is here with Dan and Kieran Clancy, otherwise known as the Krankbrothers , with all the mystery behind the guys, we decided to dig a little deeper and find out the real story behind the brothers.

We hear you just got back from Burning man Festival in the desert, tell us a little bit about your trip.Kieran: Yeah we just got back two weeks ago from six days, it was good, I mean it's a week long but we just went in on the second day and left on the last day, we were there with a load friends partying and then got to DJ a few times, it was amazing.

Dan: It's the best place to go to do anything you want to do.

Sounds a bit like your nights that you promote, you have a reputation for throwing these really crazy off the wall events across London, how did it all start?Kieran: Yeah I think the main ambition originally was to do something a little bit different, we were both quiet bored with what was going on in London, you know obviously nightclubs had sort of been closing down the last five years, there were loads of warehouse parties but we just wanted to do something that really focused on the venue rather then purely on the music so started out as a private party where we used to do these massive crazy fancy dress parties, then it got to the point where we had 300 people turning up so we thought we might as well do it every couple of months and let members of the public come and that was basically the start of Krankbrother.

And so Krankbrother? Tell us, where did that name originate from then, and what does it mean? Dan: I think it was after a few drinks in a pub when we wanted to keep the name brother cause we both brothers and so we were just messing around with a few words and we decided that krank seemed to fit with brother , and then it was only afterwards we realized there were a few negative conitations attached with the word (laughs).



Video: Never before seen video footage of Krankbrothers Roof Party - 20/08/11


Meoko TV

This time on MEOKO TV we bring you videos from 20:20 Vision Underground, Kollectiv Turmstrasse and Max Cooper.


Meoko Recommened Events

October / November 2011

Jaded 7th Birthday w/ Nina Kraviz, Ryan Elliot, Konrad Black, Sascha Dive & more...

Saturday 12th November @ TBA -East London Location. More Info

Spiritoso Records & Antidote Presents Cadenza w/ Lee Van Dowski & Digitaline (Live)

Saturday 29th October @ Basing House. More Info

Bedlam London w/ Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Tim Green & Laura Jones

Saturday 15th October @ (Secret East Warehouse). More Info

East London Movement Calls Berlin and presents Veitengruber + guests

Sunday 16th October @ Shoreditch Loft, 134 Kingsland Road. More Info

Fabric 12th Birthday w/ Craig Richards, Terry Francis, Ricardo Villalobos & more...

Saturday 22nd October @ Fabric. More Info

Drumcode 15 Years w/ Adam Beyer, Paul Ritch (live) + many more...

Saturday 29th October @ The Great Suffolk St Warehouse. More Info

A night with .... Tiefschwarz

Saturday 15th October @ (TBA East London Location). More Info

Half Baked 2nd Birthday w/ 14+ Special Guest DJ's

Saturday 20th November @ (TBA - East London Location). More Info



Half Baked presents: Lola Ed Showcase w/ Dan Ghenacia, Seuil, Anthony Collins, Tolga Fidan + more @ Hearn Street Car Park, Shoreditch - 30-09-11

Half Baked put on an amazing warehouse rave on Friday night with Lola Ed. They kept everyone dancing till dawn with some of the finest French house sounds around! Hearn Street Car Park is one of the original east London rave spots. Located just inches from the perimeter of the Shoreditch triangle, this car park has been an epi-centre of party in the area over the years, hosting a plethora of proper-good warehouse raves. Mulletover, Soulclap and Redbull have been amongst those to have it large within these 4 walls. For this one, its infamous Sunday disco crew Half Baked - taking the reigns for a one off Friday night do with French house connoisseurs, Lola Ed. Once past the heavy queue, stressed out bouncers and coat check, we were ready for some serious raving. The space is separated into 4 tonight – smoking area, coat check and loos, then its room 1 and the bar, then through a big black curtain to room 2 (which feels like the main party spot).

Around the walls were loads of really cool comic book prints with images of Batman and his friends all around. There was also the signature half baked bicycle, lit up with fairy lights. Very pretty!

As we came in the residents were warming up, and the music was already deep and full of fuel. Seuil played some old tunes, Mathew Jonson's Folding spaces got hands in the air early on as did Tejada Mono on Mono when he dropped that later on. Anthony Collins set later on was warm and infusing, a tech house legend whose French heritage shines through with playful, infectious beats. Dan Ghenacia never ceases to please with his deep tech beats, and played a crowd pleasing set with warm ripples of bouncy house thrown in.

The space here is huge, so even though there was a good turn out for this event, there was still plenty of room to cut some nice shapes and really get your groove on.

As with all Half Baked events, the international, fashion conscious crowd were friendly, fun and up for it. It was a slightly different vibe to their usual Sunday slot, I must say, may be less relaxed somehow. But there was
definitely no shortage of energy here - The party was still going strong when I left at 5am!!

Hats off to the half baked crew for another top party - I know I'll be heading down to their next Sunday do!



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